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Are you considering buying or selling your house?  

The purchase, sale, development, use, and management of real property requires a team of skilled and experienced professionals, including sophisticated legal counsel.

We provide in-depth knowledge of all aspects of real property acquisition, development, financing, leasing, ownership, use, and transfer. We strive to be an integral part of the professional team our clients require, and we value understanding their business practices, so we can provide the most meaningful legal services possible.

Call use or stop by our office today to discuss how we might be able to also benefit you.

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Tip for Seller:  Timing your house sale
KistemakerBusinessLawGroupDaytonaBeachTraditionally spring and autumn are the busiest times for real estate, but does that necessarily mean it’s the best time to sell? Here is a look at how to tell when might be the best time to sell your home.

It is important to keep in mind that a higher level of purchaser interest will likely be matched by a greater number of properties being placed on the market - potentially negating the original benefits of the larger group of buyers.

Taking into account the theory of supply versus demand that normally influences selling prices, choosing a different season to list your property may reduce your competition.

During the Christmas period for example, the real estate market tends to quieten down in most regions.

However, seasons do not always hold the greatest influence over buyer activity and selling prices. In many cases, factors such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, job transfers and financial gain or loss play a significant role in determining when people to choose to move home.

This means that it is possible to sell a property at any time of year if necessary.
What about Rented Properties?  Can you Help?

Commercial & Residential Landlord & Tenant Law Sevices We Provide:

-If you are securing a cash security deposit or a letter of credit-Reviewing the financial statements of the entity tactually signing the lease-Requiring that the entity with the assets to guaranty the lease.

and many more...


Recording judgments in the public records of the county(s) where the individual guarantors and borrowers own real estate Collecting on additional terms, including:

-Interest on past due rent and late fees

-Tenant’s obligation to pay the landlord’s attorneys’ fees and costs incurred if the tenant defaults

-Right to re-enter the space and keep collecting rent

-Right to accelerate rent (specific terms must be in the Lease)

-Right to terminate the lease and proceed against the tenant for the Landlord’s damages
-Right to collect rent after a default termination

-Liquidated damages clause

-Dispute resolution clause requiring mediation, arbitration, or litigation

Real Property Litigation:
KistemakerBusinessLawGroupDaytonaBeachA few reasons you might need a Real Estate Lawyer:
Anytime you have a dispute concerning competing property ownership rights, including easements, boundaries, development rights and title insurance claims.
We also handle mortgage foreclosures, lien foreclosures
Quiet title actions
Title Issues
Administrative hearings (Real Estate Boards and the Florida DBPR)

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Case Law Update Municipal Lien Priority

Municipalities do not have the power to make exceptions to the general rules governing the priority of liens. "Local governments lack the authority to craft their exceptions to the general state laws." (Citation omitted). Justice Perry's dissent focuses on the difference between express preemption and implied preemption.

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