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Waterproof Plastic


While prepping for Hurricane Matthew, many of us probably wished for a better way to make sure water did not damage our belongings. Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) may have developed a solution - they have developed a new spray-on material with the ability to repel water. This coating is made by interweaving a flexible plastic and a tougher plastic together. This coating is transparent and resistant to UV radiation, and could eventually be used to waterproof cellphones, protect boat hulls from corrosion, and prevent ice from forming on airplanes.

"The surface is a layer of nanoparticles, which water slides off as if it's on a hot barbecue," William Wong, from the Nanotechnology Research Laboratory at the ANU Research School of Engineering.
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Increase Your Window's IQ

Science has really been upping the ante in terms of innovations that could be useful to Floridians. Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have invented a new flexible “smart window” material that, when incorporated into windows, sunroofs, or even curved glass surfaces, will have the ability to control both heat and light from the sun. These new smart windows are twice as energy efficient as the conventionally processed material, aimed at saving on cooling and heating bills for homes and businesses. Who knew plastic could save on your electric bill? Look for more developments and a release to the public in the near future.

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The Great Indoors


A current trend happening in Architecture is the use of an "Indoor/outdoor" living space, where the lines between the inside and the outside are blurred. Typically, there is a flow of space and transition between the outdoor to indoor. Often the transition includes shutter doors or horizontal screens which open up to a furnished outdoor area - such as a dining room or a living room. The benefits to this type of design are to include a genuine dose of nature into your home by bringing in natural light and air flow. The open area may also give your home a "bigger" feel, as you are not confined by traditional walls. The cons, of course, would be that your outdoor furnishing are completely exposed to the elements. Floridians then may choose to stick with a screened in porch to help ward off the unpredictable weather.

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